Posted by admin On March - 1 - 2011

Jay Warsinske is the longtime Industry Visionary, Founder and CEO of INDIEPOWER, as well as other major ventures worldwide in entertainment & media. A 40+ year music industry executive & marketing veteran, Warsinske helped market and break such musical LEGENDS as DR. DRE, U2, 2PAC, METALLICA, SNOOP DOGG, EMINEM, BLACK EYED PEAS, LIL WAYNE, GUNS N’ ROSES, , MADONNA, T.I.,  RAMONES, AC/DC, GREEN DAY, N.W.A, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, NIRVANA & many more. He has assembled the GREATEST All Star team of some of the top professionals in every vital area of the industry, to build what is now an industry powerhouse & the greatest RESOURCE for Artists, producers, managers, indie labels, film/video makers & creative entrepreneurs to GROW & BUILD their own companies, in conjunction with leading companies across the World!

Regarded as one of the top industry experts in breaking releases & artists, worldwide marketing, promotion and distribution Warsinske is in high demand as a keynote speaker, expert and panelist at over 500 of the major industry conferences including the NEW MUSIC SEMINAR, MIDEM, IES, CMJ, HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA CONFERENCE, THE BILLBOARD CONFERENCE, URBAN NETWORK, GRAMMY events as well as others around the world.  He is also an author & regular expert columnist for dozens of leading publications and industry websites providing readers with valuable insights into the ever-changing music industry. THE FUTURE is here, with INDIEPOWER at the Forefront of WHERE the Industry is & WHERE IT’S HEADING! EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS & CAREER WITH INDIEPOWER!

This All Star team formed INDIEPOWER to provide music artists, producers, writers & labels with corporate quality marketing and promotion for advancing their careers, without having to give up all their rights, ownership & profits to do so. Warsinske has held top executive positions at a number of major entertainment companies over his illustrious four+ decade career. Teammates include former Presidents of major labels, top marketing & promotion execs from leading companies & some of the most passionate and skilled marketing professionals in the industry fighting to break artists & music worldwide! INDIEPOWER is ‘Independently major’ & ready to help you MAXIMIZE your Opportunities in Today’s BOOMING Music, Movies/TV, Touring & Tech sides of the Industry Worldwide!

Warsinske is a graduate of WWU, with his own created major, as a BFA in Arts & Entertainment Management. INDIEPOWER is based in L.A., NYC, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Toronto & Melbourne. Operating in over 80 countries around the world – to bring your music & entertainment to the PEOPLE!